Happy Site Friday.

This is exciting for me. I get so excited to hear about other moms who love being moms and love being creative...with their children and without. I wish that I could post more pictures (because her pictures are AMAZING!), but I never did receive permission from the SOULE MAMA, so I will just post the book that she has published that is coming out April 1st. Oh, and you know who will be at Barnes and Noble April first. I can't wait!

Many of you have read her blog, seen her site, and have fallen in love with the way she has rooted her family is good values, exploratory learning and bright color and creativity. But I just found her last week. Pretty sad. I needed her inspiration months ago. Years ago.

Creativity lies in the souls of all of us, and especially children. She feeds on their creativity and writes about it. Maybe I love her blog because she lives in beautiful Portland, Maine. Maybe I love her blog because she has really old hard wood floors in her house. maybe I love her blog because her studio is painted ocean spray blue. Maybe I love her blog because I really want a house in the forested hills of New England (my forever childhood home). Maybe. Maybe.

But the reason this site makes for a Happy Friday, is because she inspires me to be as creative with my kids as I am in my mind after they go to sleep (which is when I grab my sketch book and get all my ideas out that have been pent up all day). Living an a small condo in a very uninspiring part of town, I sometimes think I am limited and can't be as creative with my kids. We haven't a large space for finger-painting on banner paper. Or any trees near by for climbing. Or room for the kinds of things I would like to do. But after getting to know Amanda and the way she chooses to unveil the world to her children, I am inspired to give my kids the kind of world that will always make them curious, and never lose their curiosity. Have fun. I know you will. And buy the book.

EDIT: I just found out that Bloesom Kids posted an Interview with her just today! It is so inspiring!