Ok...I think I have been tagged about a jillion billion times (wow! That is a lot!) by my cousins, and so now I am giving in to the blog-peer pressure.

But before I do: Note the picture above. Mica, Me and Hannah (we are the oldest girl cousins of 50 on my dad's side). And between us three gals, we have 6 kids!!!! And, even better...we still fit on one bed like we used to at sleep overs when we would talk about the day we would be Mommies. Oh how time flies.

Speaking of which:

What I was doing 10 years ago......FEB of '98: Falling in love with Kenneth. 10 years ago was my freshman year at BYU, and Kenneth and I had all the same classes together (except for one). Let's see... In feb I think that Kenneth and I were choreographing a musical production at a local private school together.

5 Things on my "To-Do" list:
JUST 5?????
1. Dishes
2. Update my Business finances
3. Finish my "march" print
4. Practice music for a benefit concert coming up in a week.
5. clean my office.

3 bad habits I have:
1. Putting off housework
2. Late library books
3. I always put off making phone calls
(do you see the procrastination theme here?)

Day of choice? Fridays

Places I've lived: (in order)
Orange county, CA
Wellesley, MA
North Potomac, MD
Orem, UT

***I am adding: Places I wish to live:

Provence, FRANCE
I want to retire in a cape style cottage in New England.

Marriage date: Dec 16, 2000

Favorite indulgence: Sleep. reading magazines. hot baths. hmmmmmm:)

Phobias/fears? I have nightmares about being on stage and not knowing my part. So, does that mean I fear not being prepared?

Reason to smile: Blue sky, ocean, my kids' laugh, my husband's hugs, travel, fresh flowers, when I am in a cycle class, my family being together, good food on the table, going on a spontaneous adventure, art museums, and just the joy of being alive.

Season of choice: I actually love every season. Change is always a good thing.

Vegetable: asparagus, artichokes and sugar snap peas.

Oranges or Apples? crisp braeburns...unless we are in CA, and then oranges for sure.

# of brothers/sisters: 1 sister, three brothers.

Ok! It's your turn Becca, Mica, Sasha and Cait! Ya, ya. You can take a month or so like I did.