My Laundry is piled up to my knees in my laundry room!

But it is piled high with dinosaur and footie pajamas.

I have cleaned Addie's room 3 times today!

But we played zoo and trains 5 times today.

My head hurts from all the yelling!

But the yelling was because there were pink and purple monsters on the hallway ceiling and somebody had to scare them away.

There are paint stains on the kitchen table!

From painting the "ocean at nighty night"

My eyes are tired from Addie waking me up too early this morning.

But "I just want to snuggle my mommy. I love my family!" she says.

There are ripped up drawings in my office.

But then Ian gives me a kiss and his puppy dog eyes say "I'm sorry, Mommy"

There is snot on my sleeve.

"I want my mommy tissue."

My bathroom floor need disinfecting

But Ian looks so darn cute on the potty when he pretends to be like his big sister.

Addie is still awake.

But she is singing lullabies to her measuring tape (from dad's tool box) that she is currently snuggling with in her bed right now.

Sometimes I cry. But really, I just love being your mama.