I gain so much inspiration from other mothers who are figuring it out as they go just like me.

But today, here is some inpiration from Grandma.

She is the mother of 10 (no twins) and a do-it-yourself / make-it-yourself kinda gal. I could write a book on this woman, for the sake of writing time this morning, lets just say that with a small house, not a lot of money and a lot of kids, she leaned on her creativity day in and day out.

You all notice how the true wooden doll house has made a comeback. Well folks, this is the REAL thing.

I just have to share how awesome this house is: it was built like framed house...beams and everything...a miniature house in every way. I remember playing with it with open walls in it's "pre-finished" state. We got to imagine so much with it!

My grandmother has since added foam core walls (some rooms are still a little makeshift), carpet linoleum and even finished the roof by breaking off the leaves of pine cones, placing them carefully in rows and painting a thick coat of paint to make it look like terra cotta tile. Oh...and notice the stucco siding.
We all love looking at ingenious ideas from mom/craft/parenting blogs. But this my friends, is from grandma. And it has lasted for my own kids to enjoy.

Now Anyone want to build this for me?