Save the Date.

In my previous life (BC: Before Children) I was an actress/singer/dancer. I know, it is sometimes hard for me to believe that I spent my evenings doing shows and rehearsals! I guess a lot of you don't know that I graduated with a BFA in musical theater. I taught voice lessons at BYU for 2 years, and still teach at home. I don't really miss it...other than my experience I had playing the lead role in this musical for three years. I actually haven't really done much on the stage since Addie was born...although we do have rounds of broadways performances every night on our couch with favorites such as "SHY" and "TOMORROW" and "STRONGEST SUIT".

The reason for bringing this up on my very mommy/artist blog is to mention to all you UTAH citizens out there that my husband and I will be performing in a benefit concert this Friday night at Lone peak High school.

Here is the excerpt from the the newspaper:

The Shari Warner Benefit Concert: A Lullaby of Broadway

Friday, February 29th, 7:30-9:00 PM, Lone Peak High School, Highland, Utah. Shari Warner is a compassionate, kind, generous mother of eight children who is losing the battle with pancreatic cancer. Steve Wallace, Soni and Jodie Barrus, and 16 of Utah's top performers have put together a broadway revue-style benefit concert in her honor. The show includes songs from "Wicked," "42nd Street," "I Do, I Do," "The Scarlet Pimpernel," "Les Miserables," and other favorite musicals. There is no charge for admission, and the night is sure to be an up-beat, unforgettable one full of family-friendly fun!
Time: 07:30 PM
Date: Feb 29
Location: Lone Peak High School auditorium
Category: Family Entertainment
Address: 10189 N 4800 W

I tell you this, because I have seen what good it can do to bring the community together and support a family such as this. I don't know them personally, but I have met her children, and they are remarkable. Her youngest child is 12.

If you have any inclination to see an AMAZING review of all your favorite broadway songs, please come. It will be a wonderful night.

Other performers include Natalie and Jared Haddock, Skye and Ben Cummings, Jillette Dayton, Jennifer Latimer, Gerry Graves, Michelle and Ross Boothe, to name a few.

See you there!