Support in the Studio.

There are so many components to running a small business from home, and I am the first to say that I have not done this alone. I need to pay tribute to so many of you who have helped me and supported me this far!

My husband for believing in me and being patient with me when I choose to say up all night on a project. And for just being the most incredible husband on the planet.

My parents for supporting my ideas and always paying special interest. (sorry Dad, Carol and John...I coulnd't find a quick picture of you!!!)

My wonderful cousin Liz who has been my new "hired help" the past two months and can do just about anything!

My sisters in law Robyn and Megan for being my on-the-spot babysitter when I find my self in a mini-crisis and Ann for being an AMAZING financial advisor!

My dear new-found-friend Kelly for all her incredible advice and wisdom

My online friend Jaime for her support and advice about the details of running an art business

And to all of you who have offered up words of encouragement and support along the way!

This list could go on and on. I am just so grateful for all the help I have received! I could definately not do this on my own!

And that brings me to my next item of discussion:


I am raising my prices starting in March. This has been a really hard decision for me, since I aime at making my art work affordable for all. I really "poo-poo" all the children's art work that is incredibly overpriced and seems to sell to the "elite" few who can afford hundreds of dollars in art for their children. But I also feel, that under priced art work isn't in any one's interest either. With needing more hired help these past couple months, and with the value of the materials that I use in the art making process, I am raising my prices just a bit to compensate. The challenge comes with placing a value on my work, and I have struggled over this one. But I feel that now is the time and I hope that you can support me on this one.

I mention this to you, because I want to give you a chance to buy before the weekend is out and my prices go up $5 per print. My prices will remain the same until Sunday March 2nd.

Once again, thank you to all of you who continue to offer so much support and encouragement! I just am a very lucky gal!