I've got sunshine.

Yesterday, Addie, upon seeing the sunshine outside, ran into her room and grabbed her flip-flops (we call them slippers in our house) and demanded to go play out in the sun. There she was, pajama shirt, princess underwear, and beach shoes...ready for the 20 degree cold outside.

So, I said "OK" and with a chuckle, opened the door.

20 seconds later: "OOOOOOHOOOOHOOOHOOO!!!" She ran to the couch and burried herself in blankets.

Well, she was determined to enjoy the sun.

So, she pulled out a couple KIDS chairs, put them in from of the window, and informed me:

"Mom, I need to take a belax (her word for 'relax') on the ocean."

So, with feet out, head back and eyes closed, she sunbathed. In her underwear. In the middle of February. In the middle of our family room.

When life gives you cold weather, find that sun and bathe in it!

(Even if it is in your underwear!)