Happy Site Friday

Well, Friday is half way over, but I only get on the computer when my kids are asleep (or happily playing by themselves...but that really only lasts 4 minutes at a time).

Today, I wanted to share with you Sheye Rosemeyer Photography. I refer this with mixed feelings, since so much of her blog tears my heart. Sheye is a mother of 4 in Australia who lost her little 3 year old girl a year ago this month due to a terrible accident. I just can't even begin to imagine the loss...and I don't want to. But with great love comes great worry and trial, and she writes about it. But the reason I read Sheye's blog, is for the joy that I feel when I visit. Sheye is an INCREDIBLE photographer, and she captures in my mind the complete innocence and joy of childhood and childrearing. She is so gifted and has captured images of her own (stunningly beautiful) children in a way that almost captures my own children to a T. When I look at the photos of her children, I think of mine...now that is talent.

Sheye loves being a mother with all its joys and aches mixed together. She has shared her grief with so many, but also her desire to hug and kiss and love a little more because of it. And I think in the process, more mothers are loving motherhood just a little bit more.