Time to FLY!

It always bugged me that store had all of their Christmas products and decorations out the day after Halloween. Now I know why....by getting everything ready in Sept and Oct, they could actually ENJOY their christmas holiday. Me on the other hand...

Well, lets just say that I am scrambling to get somethings done before Thanksgiving so I can enjoy the Christmas season. I have three shows that I will be selling my prints (framed and unframed) coming this month.

1) Daybreak Boutique
Thurs, Fri, and Sat.
over 60 vendors!

2) Beehive Bazaar
Nov. 30 + Dec. 1
Provo, UT
(I went last spring, and wow! Really great stuff!)

3) Artists Corner Christmas Boutique
Nov. 19-Jan 1st
The old Mattress Warehouse on the corner of Univrsity PKWY and STATE has been converted into an Artist Christmas Gallery...selling all kinds of great artwork and gifts.

I also got my artwork into two other stores this month.

1) Teapot Parties
Sepastopol CA

2) On a Whim
Leesburg, VA

I want to live at these stores! They are so darling!!! The store in Northern CA I have never been to, but I want to go! What a charmer! And my favorite Spot in Leesburg VA is displaying my artwork all over this entire room! I am tickled pink!

And I am starting to get pictures of my artwork that people are sending me from their nurseries. Isn't this just so cute! I love to see what people choose, and how they choose to display it.

If any of you are in UTAH for these fun little boutique shows, come check them out! I can't wait to go! They are sure to have TONS of great, creative finds! Enjoy!

PS: any one in UTAH with a table they don't need till Jan? I need a tabletop for this store in OREM, and want to avoid eating off the floor for the next month! Anyone?