A day in the life...

This morning I woke up not even remembering what day it was. Have you ever had that feeling? It has been a whirlwind of a week. I haven't gone to bed before 2 am all week (Wed was an all nighter practically) in preparation for 3 shows I am getting ready for. But, I AM DONE!!! I set up in Salt Lake Last night (anyone in town HAS to go!!!! It is AMAZING! I wanted to buy everything! WOW!) and the one in Provo will be what is left from Salt Lake....and then some. I still have more to do of course, but for the most part, it's complete.

With an studio/office space in my bedroom, it is less than ideal. BUT we make it work. I have always loved seeing other people's creative work space. My isn't one to admire, but it is still MY space. Last night you couldn't even walk in for all the paper cuttings, packaging and framing materials everywhere. But, Soon (cross our fingers) I will have my own separate space. Now it is this:

And, someday, it will be this. someday*key word*. (image courtesy of Heather Bailey).

The kids are feeling it too: Ian woke up this morning, and after letting him talk for a little bit, I went back in there, and found this:

Addie, wanted to snuggle in my bed, and just relax. As much as she says she doesn't like bedtime, she LOVES to snuggle. Last night at bedtime, I was getting her pajamas on, and as she was trying to compromise the next part of the routine (sleeping) she said: "Don't worry mom...it was nighttime yesterday."

I love these kids. My husband has been so supportive, and has been my biggest fan. Trying to get ready to move with three shows, and the holidays has been asking a lot from him...and he has taken it so gracefully. Thanks love.

Happy weekend everyone!!