The holidays are for snuggling.

Well, aren't they? I think we had more hugging and snuggling going on this weekend then ever!
What a treat to take 4 days off...we spent the Thanksgiving Holiday with Kenneth's parents in a cozy little cabin/condo in Park City. Food, food and more food (any more pumpkin pie left?) and lots of laziness. Just what we all needed. Oh, and shopping. For how much my husband hates BANANAs, we sure love the store! (outlets....yummy.)

Today, is a picture post. In this case, pictures really are better than words:

And since I am the photographer...I had my husband take at least ONE picture of me. I must remember I will look back on all this and think...where was I? Oh. Behind the camera.

I do have to explain this one: Kenneth received an old pair of ballet toe shoes from a dance teacher, and he brought them home to Addie. Remember: Addie is two (almost three, and LOVES to dance. She just has the 'feel'). Well, He brought these home, and put them on her feet. He never once told her how to use them. We just figured she would walk around like a duck. Well, we put on a little classical music, and she began to walk on point....completely on her own. This shot isn't a full shot, but she is balancing all by herself...holding on to nothing. Is she a natural? Baryshnikov, make room on the stage!

There is a little news:
My little "Mistlstoe Kisses" was featured on the ETSY front page. I noticed it, because all of the sudden my little picture received like 50 hits with in a 10 minute time frame. By the end of the 3 hour stint, there were 300 hits. This was a real moment for me. Very cool.

And, yes. More to come for Christmas. There are some new tags in the shop, and we'll see about getting more. I have a gift show coming up this weekend that you ALL must come to if you are in UTAH. Last year was SO great.

nov. 30-dec. 1st: Covey Center for the arts
425 W Center St. PROVO

And one more thing: DO any of you ever read ZEN HABITS blog I have posted over there on the left? Read it! It is so great! Being a creative person striving for balance and simplicity, I find his articles extremely helpful. Here is the one for today. It will get you thinking....great ideas;)

top 20 ways to come up with great ideas

Read it!