Let it SNOW!!!

It finally snowed here! December 1st brought a full day of snow showers. It was so magical...especially to see the kids out in the snow. It was Ian's first snow really. Last year he couldn't walk, so this was just so fun! I just love that I didn't have to try hard to capture the joy in their faces!

I love this picture of Ian. Somehow he hasn't managed to watch "The Christmas Story" yet.

And now with it being officially the season of Christmas, I have some new things in my shop. Come and take a look!

It has been a full month... and I feel December isn't any different. We are really trying to sell out place so that we have a little more room to wiggle. Working out of my little corner is starting to get crowded! It works, but I think that it is time for a little change. Let's hope we get a buyer! Any of you want to buy a cute condo?

And finally, here is to cold December Kisses. Can you see where I got my inspiration? It is easy with these cute kids all around me. Here are some favorite phrases from this week:

Addie and I are driving at night, and the car next to us on the road is covered in snow, which looks dark black in the dark. --"Mommy, that car is junky and covered in a lot of scary!"

Addie shows me her drawing she just did--"Mommy, look at my concept letters" "what did you say?" "Look at my concepts" "What?" She turns to Ian for more support. "Ian, look at my concepts I just made." Abstract thought at 2? Last week she was calling her drawings "calculus" (neither my husband OR I are math people).

Ian's favorite little act is to mimic the phrase from Charlie browns Christmas where Charlie Brown sees there is no christmas mail in his mail box. All you have to say is "Hello in there!!!" and Ian will reply "RATS!" The cute thing about it, is that Ian has a lisp. So it really sounds like "Rattttttttthhhhhhhhhs!" So cute!