It is every artists quest to find out what they do best, and then to DO it! People say "oh, I like your style" but unfortunately, I don't feel like I have quite arrived yet. Granted, styles evolve...and I know mine will. But I feel like I am in between a few line techniques, and I just really want to finalize it! I have SO many images I want to put up in my shop...problem is, I can't decide what style to approach it in. But I hope that I am getting there.

The inspiration for my compositions come mostly from old vintage children's books. I LOVE the line work of the ink & wash days of the past century that seems to be over run now by so much graphic art. I am still trying to find my "technique" and I hope to get to the bottom of it. I want so much to find my own line work that will reflect upon timeless images like this...

I LOVE the scarf, and the boots, and this served as an inspiration for my latest print, "Little Vistor".

The first, I tried to get the consistent black lines like the artist of the above print would have done.

However, those pages are faded now, and look more like this...

Which I think I like better. What do you think?

As I am trying desperately to get more artwork in my shop, I am also so aware of the need to be consistent in my style. This is a quest, and I will get there. It is fun though...every drawing poses new problems. I find that by solving those problems, I am getting closer to my "style". We'll see!

Speaking of technique, my almost 3 year old daughter (in Jan) is just now drawing recognizable images!!! It literally happened just this week! She went from making rows of mountain range looking scribbles (her "homework" she called it) to drawing people and things. Yesterday, she drew this picture of her dad...(notice the detail of the hands and feet, and the unshaven whiskers)

And this one of me.

When I get the tinsiest bit impatient with myself, I think...wow. My love for art stems from these first passionate beginnings.