Overcoming Overwhelmedness

One of the hardest things to do as of late is to be "still". At the beginning of this year, I made it a real priority to have quite moments for prayer, meditation, yoga, listening...I loved it. As I have grown in my plans for this little business of mine, it has been harder for me to find that kind of time! But the truth is, I do so much better when my thoughts are clear at the beginning of the day, and that I feel connected to God and his purpose for me. Running so many things can be overwhelming, and I definitely can't do it alone.

On top of starting up this new Sarah Jane adventure of mine, we have added moving to our plate. We have put a deposite on a townhouse in Daybreak, UT...a new planned community that just started last year and will be done in 2020. It is a beautiful area with a great community feel. Our townhouse is scheduled to be done at the end of December, so we are scrambling to make sure we can sell the condo that we are in now. This townhouse has an unfinished basement which we will convert to a playroom for the kids, as well as my office/studio. It is far away from all that we are used to, but I am always up for an adventure. It's just A LOT to think about right now. Especially with the holidays coming, there is just so much on my plate. But then I remember who gives me strength and I am comforted.

I am quoting from Startup Princess...my new mentoring group for women entrepreneurs--

"Dr. Wayne Dyer says, when you are connected to “Source”, you will do your best work, because it’s not your work at all…it’s God’s work through you…when you aren’t connected it’s all about ego. So, he asks, “How corroded is your connection? How clear is it? What can you do to keep connected continuously? When you’re listening, you’re allowing God to give you the answers you seek. Be Still. Be Patient. Be at Peace."

SO...that is my focus for this week. Remembering that none of here are meant to do this alone!

Last night I took some pics of my house for MLS listings, so I thought I would post one to prove that my house can be clean when I really need it to be!

And here are my two favorite boys. I think it's time for Ian to get a haircut!

More artwork coming this weekend! I am excited! Stay tuned!