It's official.

I have had these two characters in my head for a long time. They are such a darling pair, and I have so much in store for them...can't wait! I have had their names on the tip of my tongue for months, but just couldn't get it out. But, now it's official: Wellesley & Winslow.

Why? My favorite childhood memories are from the 3 years we spent just outside of Boston. We lived in Wellesley, Massachusetts on Winslow Road. It was a romantic location...our little 'cottage' we called it tucked in a patch of trees with a path to Longfellow pond and a stretch of forest behind our house. It was a dream house for a 7 year old girl...lots of inspiration for a thriving imagination. It was here that I first realized that I wanted to be an artist. I would set up my bedroom like it was a store and display my things and pretend to sell them. And so...I introduce to you...

Wellesley & Winslow

This is my first christmas print with them...more to come. As well as many fun adventures they will share stay tuned!