Be a student so long as you still have something to learn, and this will mean all your life.

Do you ever feel like there is so much out there you would just love to do or learn? I was watching an incredible movie the other night, Step into Liquid and I thought, in my next life, I want to be a surfer! My mom's side of the family were all born and raised in hawaii since the 1920's and wow! What a life! my grandfather was a champion surfer, and has left an awesome legacy. Watching these surfers do what they do, and to see the perspective that they have on life because of what they experience everyday is so inspiring! It made me think of all the things that would be so much fun to do, and to learn! Right now, as a mom who is very much homebound, I rely on books, internet and other people to vicariously live the adventures I seek. The truth is, I am on an incredible adventure right now! I am learning so much, and I LOVE the sense of adventure that motherhood never know what your children will do, how they will make you laugh, and what the day will bring! But there are still things that I would love to do or learn in my life....

1) learn how to surf

2) get a scuba liscence

3) start my own nursery decor business

4) travel more as a family

5) take an interior design/graphic design course

6) illustrate a children's book

7) take a real sewing class

8) open a bed and breakfast

9) take school groups to Europe

10) take a photography course

It is good to dream, and at the same time keep learning in all that you do. Do any of you have any thing that you would just love to do/learn? money and time aside? It really makes you think! It makes me want to always keep learning and doing things. you never know where those desires will take you! The most important thing though, is to always be a student where ever you are. Just keep learning!