Something old, something new

Ok, so Addie has had this thing with spoons lately. not her plastic spoos, or baby spoons, but silver spoons. Two of them. She has been holding two silver spoons for the past several days! They are her drumsticks, prince and princess, babies, forks, brush and comb, pencils, and what ever else she needs them to be in the moment. She has slept with them, held them both in one hand while she eats with another spoon in the other hand, danced with them, played with them....she will not part! For those of you who know her, that is very fitting for her personality. Well, now she is sick, and today, I haven't been able to get her to bed. Her spoons are a must of course, for her comfort. But I Finally got her to reconsider when I pulled out a yellow aloha pattern blanket she probably hasn't seen before. She has her 'blanket' that I don't think she has ever slept without since she got it at 5 months old. But when i showed her this new yellow blanket, she swiftly threw her old blanket out, and layed down with her new one. Who knows how long this will last, but I thought it was very ironic that she can't part with her spoons, and yet she was willing to try something new for naptime. And i thought, aren't we the same way? In life we have our tried and true routines and comforts that we always want near us, yet we are dazzled and energized by the surprize adventures that life takes us on. We need both! I need my warm drink and frangrant lotions before bedtime, but I also need the element of surprize to keep me going during the day...a sense of adventure! all in the life of a child!