Eight is Great!

Eight years ago this week, I was frantically trying to figure out how to run an online creative business from my bedroom, determined to figure it out on the fly...but attempting to look like I knew what I was doing. It was a huge leap of faith, one that I can honestly say was one of the best decisions of my life. My husband went back to grad school, my babies were too young and too close in age to leave home, and I was determined to provide for our family. And it worked! It was crazy and wild and nuts, but it worked. 

This month, I will be celebrating all month long! I want to thank YOU for the honor it is to still be going strong after all these years! It's this community that has kept me going when things get rough. It's been a journey that I want to celebrate with you, and so here's what you can expect to be seeing this month at Sarah Jane! 


We are so close to getting our new online shop up and going. You have seen the new website and blog, which I've been so happy with as there is so much more to see and I've been able to really simplify and focus the online space here. But the shop will have features like larger images, cleaner and more organized and of course, new product! 


Joining our newsletter will keep you informed with how we are running sales this month...and they will be good ones! So watch for an email in your inbox, or follow along on Instagram or Facebook and the blog for updates! 


We can't do a birthday celebration without giveaways! Follow @sarahjanestudios on Instagram for giveaways this month! 


I'm still working out the details, but later this month, I am hoping to have a local meet and greet where we can meet each other in person, you can get your hands on some product and have a good time! 


I'm busting my little brain in the studio to get you some new products in the shop, and I think you will love them! Stay tuned for more information on when that will be ready!


This month I'm heading to Quilt Market to launch my newest line of fabric SOMMER with Michael Miller Fabrics. It's been two years since WEE WANDER, and I'm so excited to be sharing fabric again. Be watching this space for some great pictures and the website for a lookbook I'm putting together. And of course, sign up for the newsletter to be the first to know when it's launched! 


You've probably noticed that the blog has gotten a bit sparse here over the past year or so. New baby will do that, and while he's not a new baby anymore, it was a bit harder to get back into it after stepping back for a while. But I have a lot more to share, and I'm excited to be sharing here again! 

Thanks to all of you who've made these past 8 years so magical. I've stretched and grown in ways I never would have imagined. I'm so excited to see what these next years bring! 

Love to you all!