clearance-sale-paper-goods Well, folks. Today is the day. I will no longer be selling any more paper goods out of the shop. As of tomorrow, I will ONLY have my prints, jewelry and PDFS available.

So, if you were thinking about purchasing, but forgot, get them today!  

I'm refocussing my efforts on more art making next year (more fabric designs, custom portraits and book illustration) and cleaning out the shop is prepping me to be more able to focus on what's most important for me right now.

It's all in the CLEARANCE section right now, so grab it while you can!

I'm sad to close out of this phase, but happy to move forward. Thanks for all your support over the years! It's been good fun.


Washi Tape Christmas Card Tree

washi-tape-tree Here's a quick Christmas Fix if you are needing one. I went to my local fabric boutique (Harmony & Darlybird) and they had this adorable washi tape tree on the wall. So cute! We've added presents (one for each of us) and we're displaying our Christmas Cards on them this year. We've run out of room, and so tomorrow I think I'll make a few more.

Super easy, and a great way to use up the tape. I love that won't ever damage the walls, and the kids help put it up. Are you a washi tape geek like me?



Happy Less-than-a-week-till Christmas day! Horray!!

And PS: Thanks so much for all the amazing donating for the Sandy Hook Cards. We're up to over $1200 of funds donated (and that's just approximating the numbers from 2 days worth) $5 can go a long way! I'll be collecting funds all through the holiday.

PPS: Tomorrow is the LAST DAY for all my paper goods in the shop (sigh.) Grab them in the clearance, or never more!

Off to make some peppermint Cocoa now:)

Sandy Hook Donation

peace-on-earth-blog Like every one of you, I've been shattered by the horrible tragedy on Friday, and have been holding my children closer, praying more fervently, and more aware of how fragile this world is. There really are no words, and I've found myself utterly speechless.

All I can do is pray, love my children more deeply, teach them to love and respect and honor one another, and serve the children in my community with more awareness. But in this moment, I'm spreading my support with a simple sketch of hope, and faith.

This is a downloadable folded card for you to print, share or display in your home this Christmas Season. 100% of the funds will go to the Sandy Hook School Support Fund which is set up with Newtown Savings Bank to support families of the victims and community needs.

Of course, you can just donate's all going to the same place. But I thought this way, you could get a illustrated card out of it, that would share the message of Peace in a more personal way.

I'd hope that you would purchase one (or two or three!) and spread the word of Peace, hope and love. I'd be lying if my first response to all this was utter horror and loss of hope in this world we live in. But while the grief remains, my renewed hope is in the children and families who will continue to spread the message of love and renew peace in our homes, communities, nation and our world.







Click here to Purchase $5 printable cards





(your cards will automatically be sent to you after your purchase)



100% of proceeds will go towards SANDY HOOK SCHOOL SUPPORT FUND (the community fund helping families and individuals affected) and will be donated in full on January 1, 2013


Last Holiday Giveaway: Ella Jean

We are having our last lovely sponsor giveaway of the year!


Ella Jean is gifting one winner a package = $116.00

All items are machine washable and Made in the USA.


Baby Blanket:  This blanket combines Sarah Jane designer cotton fabric (Find the Narwhal) with soft & luxurious Cuddle Fleece fabric, resulting in a baby blanket that's both stylish and super soft!  Sure to become a favorite for both Mom & Baby! $46


Soft Blocks:  Soft Blocks are made with coordinating designer print fabric and soft minky. Made to stimulate baby's senses. Great for nursery decor, and fun to play with too! Stuffed with soft foam. Blocks are 5 inches, 4 inches and 3 inches square. $30


Ell Jean Bib:  Featuring Sarah Jane's Pirate print on one side and soft, absorbent chenille on the other. This bib is a great size for both babies and toddlers; longer and wider than the typical bib to offer better protection. Snap closure at the top. $16


1) Visit Ella Jean's online shop here and have a look around!

2) Leave a comment below here on my blog

3) Make sure you enter your email address in the location asked in the comment box

4) Giveaway Closes SUNDAY at 10pm EST

5) I’ll announce the ONE winner Monday


1) Like Ella Jeans facebook page here, and then comment below to tell me

2) Follow Ella Jean on Twitter here.

Have fun! And have a lovely weekend!


CONGRATS TO  Jennifer #22!!

Happy St. Lucia Day!

Print available here.
I love this holiday. Do you celebrate it? I think we'll be making wreaths for the girls tonight. Happy St. Lucia Day!

Christmas Cuts

I was reorganizing some drawers today, and took the time to notice all my drafts from A CHRISTMAS GOODNIGHT.

It's always so interesting to go back and look at the process of such a big project. I had forgotten how much work went into illustrating 28 pages.

Gosh. seriously, I have 2 drawers full of sketches, drafts, final art, etc. that never even made it into the book. Or, rather, served as the rough drafts to what later became the book. The text of the book is so simple, and really lends itself to so many visual options. I was given some narrative guidelines, and then asked to submit rounds of art. And there were many rounds:)

For instance, I knew I wanted the sky to be something magical. But I didn't know what, or how I was going to achieve that. This is a close up of a gouache painting that I attempted to see how it would look. It was a nice try, but not what the book needed. Close though.

This image, was going to be the opener, and I think I went through at least 8 versions of the opener. Maybe 9. 10? 11?

When I send in drafts, I get them back in print, with notes like this. Here is an image I wanted to use for the dedication page. I ended up tweaking it a bit, and if you've seen the picture, you'll know how.

Anyways, it's always so interesting for me to look back and relive what I was thinking and feeling during this kind of process.

And speaking of cuts, I stabbed myself pretty bad today. Ever wondered what would happen if you stepped off a stall stool onto a freshly sharpened jar of colored pencils? Well, let's just say I had a little jousting match in the studio today, and while it left 3 holes in my foot, it was rather funny. Poor Ella, wondering why I was meddling with her little art supplies I keep for her on the floor while I work.

Art is a dangerous business, folks. You've got to be pretty crazy to do this stuff. For. Sure.


Stop. Look. Listen

Getting the house ready for Christmas along side the children is always so magical. After putting up the lights, they all layed down underneath the tree, and looked up at all the lights.

"This is the best seat in the house!" Addie said.

Indeed it is. And most things are when you look up. Or get down low.

The past couple of weeks have been a whirlwind here, and it's right about now that I get sick of it, and want to slow down and enjoy the season.  I'm feeling the burn.

There is still so much to do, but all of that doesn't matter as much as paying attention does.

My local news site posted this yesterday, and I thought it was such a good reminder: Stop, Look & Listen.

So I'm making a Christmas List, but not the regular kind.

This Christmas I will:

1. Be grateful for laughter in my life

2. Write letters of Gratitude

3. Sing more carols around the fire, and be grateful that my husband plays the guitar

4. Go Christmas Caroling, even if it's just around the cul-de-sac

5. Take the time with each child to talk about the Christmas Story

6. Teach my children a new Christmas Carol they didn't know before

7. Give thanks for good neighbors and good friendships

8. Cook & bake together- all 5 of us in the kitchen

9. Read Gift of the Maji

10. Write in my journal about this year's Christmas

11. Take more photographs

12. Give thanks for little fingerprints in the winter windows

13. Write a letter to Jesus, and help the kids write their's too

14. Be grateful I'm not huge and pregnant and have lots of tickle fights on the floor

15. Take a break from working, and take time to listen to the quiet magic of the house after the kids are all tucked in bed. Maybe read a book. All by myself.

16. Feel the warmth of warm knitted socks, and give thanks for all the warm soft things in my life

17. Kiss under the mistletoe. Maybe put up more than one :)

18. Let things go

19. Make a fort and have a family sleepover

20. Listen for Christmas Elves

Experience has taught me that writing it down means I'm on my way to making it happen.

What things are you noticing this year?

A warm weekend to you all!



PS: One more day to shop for quilts and OUT TO SEA hand sewn items I designed on One Kings Lane




As we are redoing the kids rooms, we're also clearing out the garage, closets, etc. and I'm needing to make more room in my studio. But it's filled with fabric, random art prints, left over stationery, extra embroidery name it.

I've run out of shelf space, and I need to make more room!




So, what I've done, is filled 30 Priority Mail boxes with: 

    • 10 fat quarters of both my OUT TO SEA and/or CHILDREN AT PLAY fabric collections
    • 8 1/4 yard cuts of OUT TO SEA and/or CHILDREN AT PLAY fabric collections
    • over 40 pieces of stationery
    • 4+ Embroidery Patterns
    • Random Scrapbook papers in the CHILDREN AT PLAY design
    • A coupon for 10% off your next purchase
    • A nice note from me:)


    • 1-2 random art prints, most likely out-of-print or signed and dated from a while back
    • 2+ catalogs of my fabric collections
    • random fabric scraps

This totals to over $100-150 worth in products!

But I've priced them at $60 each (shipping is included) and will invoice all international orders for the difference. 

Note that Australia/Pacific buyers will have the chance to order later in the day.



I can't promise what you will get EXACTLY (thus the reduction in cost) but I can promise that they are all going to be wonderful. Most of it is products I currently have in my shop, but there will be some things that are no longer available, out of print, or discontinued. Maybe even some hand printed scraps.




If you have something in particular that you would LIKE to see, feel free to mention it in the customer text box at checkout, but no promises!

And if these sell out, I think I'll try and do another clearing out at the top of the year.

Have fun!

(PS: these will ship out on FRIDAY DEC. 7th, and will be shipped priority mail, so all USA residents will get them by DEC. 13th at the latest. All INTERNATIONAL shipping will be based on how long it takes through customs, and will be shipped first class on Dec. 7th)

(And PS: The ONE KINGS LANE  has one more day left!)