Washi Tape Christmas Card Tree

washi-tape-tree Here's a quick Christmas Fix if you are needing one. I went to my local fabric boutique (Harmony & Darlybird) and they had this adorable washi tape tree on the wall. So cute! We've added presents (one for each of us) and we're displaying our Christmas Cards on them this year. We've run out of room, and so tomorrow I think I'll make a few more.

Super easy, and a great way to use up the tape. I love that won't ever damage the walls, and the kids help put it up. Are you a washi tape geek like me?



Happy Less-than-a-week-till Christmas day! Horray!!

And PS: Thanks so much for all the amazing donating for the Sandy Hook Cards. We're up to over $1200 of funds donated (and that's just approximating the numbers from 2 days worth) $5 can go a long way! I'll be collecting funds all through the holiday.

PPS: Tomorrow is the LAST DAY for all my paper goods in the shop (sigh.) Grab them in the clearance, or never more!

Off to make some peppermint Cocoa now:)