Desire to Inspire

What an amazing day it was when Aarean of Color Issue came to my home and interviewed me on what it meant to be a creative person, business owner and mother. At the core of what I do, I truly believe in motherhood and childhood, and it's been a journey of faith and fun as I've driven myself to achieve things and become things I never would have become had I not set out on this journey of entrepreneurship. Sometimes it's hard to see, until you really take the time to look back, see your journey from a distance, talk with people who truly inspire you, and take the time to see the inspiring path's of others. 

I am so inspired by the women interviewed in this video: Elle of Solly Baby Wrap, Stephanie Nielson of NieNie Dialoges, Katie Richardson of PUJ and Susan Peterson of Freshly Picked. I can honestly call each of these women friends, colleagues, mentors and fellow adventurers in this journey of Creative Business and Motherhood. I'm honored to have been a part of each one of their journey's, and I know that faith and family driven business brings out amazing results. You will love the chance to hear from each one of them! I'm at the very end, but don't's all wonderful stuff. 

Thank you so much Aarean (and Paige for beautifully filming!) and for taking the time to share the messages here in order to inspire and support women who have a dream, and wish to give of themselves in some way. 

I hope you enjoy!