This Girl Art Print Series

I'm so excited to talk about this collaboration with The House That Lars Built, and offer you a new series of art prints! 

If you follow the Brittany's lovely blog, you'll know that you already love her THIS GIRL series, where she curates a collection of interior and fashion photos that would show a well designed woman in her likely living space. 

I've loved the series for years, and a few months ago, felt inspired to watercolor a piece that was a combination of all those photos, featuring a woman really IN the space.  We all love portraits, and we all love interiors, but why not combine both together in original art that says something about daily living in a space that inspires? 

Each month, for the next year, we will be releasing a new art print. Available in sizes 8x10, 11x14 and 16x20. For the featured month, that print will be at a special discounted price. And then to make room for the next month's print, the discounted price will go to the new featured print. 

So without further adieu, say Bonjour to Anouk....the first THIS GIRL print in our series. We thought she looked a bit French, non? 

I am excited to have a series out again, with new prints coming monthly. These prints are so beautiful in person. Hand signed and gorgeously printed on archival watercolor paper. I hope they inspire your spaces at home! 

If you haven't gotten to know Brittany's lovely blog, visit here, and see her amazing series of THIS GIRL that has been going on for 4 years strong. 

And head over to the shop for this month and take a closer peek at ANOUK.