Show me your spaces

1016932_10151777206215449_1262340134_n (photo via Bonnie Martin)

Hello! It's FRIDAY!

YES! (90's arm dig action going on)

So, I want to see your kid's room. Wanna share? I know so many of you have adorable spaces that you want to share with me, I know it!

But to keep it casual, I'm having you upload them to instagram. And there is a little contest this weekend! A giveaway when you upload your little corner of Sarah Jane and share your interior spaces!

Wanna play?


Screen Shot 2013-10-11 at 8.50.51 AM


(photo via 

Just follow along on my instagram and see the details! I can't wait to see!

And if you don't have instagram, and want to share anyways, I'd love it if you wanted to share a photo in the comments, or link to somewhere online.

Happy Weekend everyone!