Look how amazing you all are!

32fb2e131ecdee4c351647fc5d77bcd3{image from www.vintagebubbles.com} I love taking the time to see what you all are making with my latest round of fabric, as well as the older lines! It's just so wonderful! Even more fun, is to see lots of my other fabrics mixed in and still getting lots of use.

Today I thought I'd inspire you with some lovely ideas for girls with a mix of what's out there. Like I mentioned before, I've found out that many (not all!) of the Children at Play fabrics are not being printed any more, so what's in stores is what's left! The On Parade Panel print (a favorite!) Is till in popular demand, and isn't going anywhere any time soon. As well as a small handful of others. But more good fabric is always coming, and always in the works! :)

So, here are some lovely girl dresses, play things and projects I'm loving. Click on the links, as many of them are actually for sale!

il_570xN.352950271_9qdv Children at Play fabric line sewn by Sweet Lemonade

il_570xN.360979800_g9j2Children at Play fabric line sewn by Sweet Lemonade

il_570xN.391928460_q5t3Children at Play fabric line sewn by Sweet Lemonade

il_570xN.422289027_34hoChildren at Play fabric line sewn by Sweet Lemonade

il_570xN.436976747_4nqcChildren at Play fabric line sewn by Sweet Lemonade


il_570xN.441376322_tjh6Children at Play fabric line sewn by Sweet Lemonade

il_fullxfull.360985741_2jokChildren at Play fabric line sewn by Sweet Lemonade

il_570xN.461947001_5freOut to Sea Fabric line sewn by Sweet Lemonade

32fb2e131ecdee4c351647fc5d77bcd3Let's Pretend Fabric line by Vintage Bubbles

Check out this little video on them here as well.

9082558136_fd47afe134_zLet's Pretend Fabric Line sewn by Fabric Mutt


9087935284_48c96fef8d_zLet's Pretend Fabric line sewn by Sweet Bug Studio


9145991106_f1418604be_zLet's Pretend Fabric line sewn by Sweet Bug Studio


9319405465_5ab165111f_zLet's Pretend Fabric line by Sewing Mama Raeanna

il_570xN.467255991_qx3vLet's Pretend Fabric line by Sweet Lemonade




Let's Pretend Fabric line by Sewing Mama Raeanna

homemade 11 homemade 13 homemade 16Out to Sea fabric line sewn by Daisies and Dresses


8739260044_afc66513fd_zOut to Sea Fabric line sewn by emskyrooney


8768665035_d7c0ee2a2e_zOut to sea Fabric line sewn by Mommybydaycrafterbynight

480900_522790761089844_645160346_nOut to Sea Fabric line sewn by Sweet Lemonade


8652189988_2156533cf0_zOut to Sea Fabric Line sewn by Sew Caroline

il_570xN.481269536_rbq9 (1)Out to sea Fabric line with pattern made by Tie Dye Diva

il_570xN.474785663_1uwrChildren at Play made by La Monster Shop

outtosea7_largeOut to Sea Fabric line sewn by Sweet Lemonade 

I can't post everything here, of course! There are way too many lovely things you are making...more than I can talk about!

But if you'd like to post your photos, please send me  your email via my contact page, and I can add you to my PINTEREST BOARDS for each fabric line, or add yours to my FLICKR pages listed on my sidebar.

Thanks for all the lovely inspiration!


Sarah Jane