Looking ahead...


I'm so ready for a weekend. You? I've been spinning up lots of little things  I'm super excited to show you (new fabric anyone?) and I'm kinda pooped out. I get tired SO much faster. This is my 4th pregnancy, and you kinda forget (or at least I kinda forget) that I'm not invincible. I never was Wonder Woman, but if I ever WASN'T her, it's now. Ya know? Things take 10 times longer it seems with having to be down and resting more. But on the positive side, taking breaks and resting is sooooooo important, and something that I am really blessed to make the excuse to have more.  Did I mention I have pre-term labor tendencies? It's a blessing that my work mostly takes sitting. Dishes and laundry...that's another issue! (But it never was my fav to begin with so, who am I kidding).

So. Next week. I thought we could all use some pick-me-ups. Spring excitement, ya?

I'm going to be hosting a whole bunch of giveaways next week (from my lovely Fabric Store sponsors, some favorite new boutiques of mine, and some from me too!) and I'm thinking you'll all want to be invited. The first giveaway will be posted Monday, and we'll just keep adding more all week! Sound fun? We are going to shake things up here, and add some excitement. I could for sure use it. Can't wait!!

And lastly, I've got to share with you this photo. It's our FIRST lemon we grew. I live in Utah, and it's very dry here. But we bought a Meyer Lemon tree in California over a year ago, strapped it in a seatbelt, and drove it to our lovely little desert climate. It took a year, but this little baby tree produced it's FIRST lemon this month, and it was such a family affair. In fact, we all picked it off at the same time. And now, there are about a dozen more lemons starting, and it's quite exciting. Meyer lemons don't ship well, so being able to grow one in a pot that fills our living room with lovely smelling blossoms, is such a treasure.

Anyways...had to share.

So see you Monday bright and early!

Have a lovely weekend!