Free PDF Print: Shining Brighter

how bright will you be? I've been thinking a lot. Like I'm sure you have too.

I'm a mother. I spend most of my time vigilantly watching over my kids. It's my calling. My life.  Everything I do, I am thinking of them and their safety, growth, happiness. Just like you do.

And when booms go off, my mother-heart gets on high alert for the moment, and then sad. Affected by the darkness that can so easily permeate. Torn for the families affected directly. Worried, only like a mother can.

But last night, as I lay trying to sleep, I kept reminding myself of the incredible duty I have to shine brighter. Overwhelm the darkness. Make a lasting mark. Vigilantly shine out the yucky stuff. It's not going to get any better unless I keep shining.

This passage came to mind, and I felt so much better knowing that it's up to me. I can make a difference.

This is a FREE DOWNLOAD for you today!

I needed it, and I thought you might too.

Shine a little brighter, and it will make all the difference.