10 & 11 of 365 Drawings

3 bears line I'm actually drawing every day this year! This project has been great for me. I actually can't show you a lot of what I'm drawing though. Mostly cause it's top secret:) But I am hitting pencil to paper, which is a big deal. Mostly cause kids and house and life demands so much.

These two are totally different: one was made 3 years ago, and I just brought it back to life, and the other, inspired by some designs I saw in the Mini Boden catalog this month (it's a good one this time...well, as always I guess.)

I know a lot of you have taken on the #365Drawings project. Would any of you like to do a link party? I'm not really sure how to do that, but pipe up and I'd love to keep you in touch with all the other artists who have joined in.