We interupt our regular program.....

TOMORROW AT 10 AM EST I'm going to be having a STUDIO SALE!

(I know my posts have been dominately about stuff to buy...but the truth is...I'm trying to get rid of stuff!)

I'm going to be selling flat rate mailer boxes full of left over Studio products...fabric, fabric, fabric, patterns, stationery, scrapbook paper, you name it. Products I haven't sold in years, other's that never made it to the shop, and products that I have now, but will no longer be selling any more! Mostly Sarah Jane products that I've been holding on to, but don't have room any more. Want some?

But they are mystery boxes...meaning you won't know EXACTLY what you will get...but I can promise you you are going to love it.

Come by tomorrow and take a peek of what's going inside! Check back here in the morning! 7am PST/10am EST

Here's another peek:

OK! Now back to the giveaway......