Stop. Look. Listen

Getting the house ready for Christmas along side the children is always so magical. After putting up the lights, they all layed down underneath the tree, and looked up at all the lights.

"This is the best seat in the house!" Addie said.

Indeed it is. And most things are when you look up. Or get down low.

The past couple of weeks have been a whirlwind here, and it's right about now that I get sick of it, and want to slow down and enjoy the season.  I'm feeling the burn.

There is still so much to do, but all of that doesn't matter as much as paying attention does.

My local news site posted this yesterday, and I thought it was such a good reminder: Stop, Look & Listen.

So I'm making a Christmas List, but not the regular kind.

This Christmas I will:

1. Be grateful for laughter in my life

2. Write letters of Gratitude

3. Sing more carols around the fire, and be grateful that my husband plays the guitar

4. Go Christmas Caroling, even if it's just around the cul-de-sac

5. Take the time with each child to talk about the Christmas Story

6. Teach my children a new Christmas Carol they didn't know before

7. Give thanks for good neighbors and good friendships

8. Cook & bake together- all 5 of us in the kitchen

9. Read Gift of the Maji

10. Write in my journal about this year's Christmas

11. Take more photographs

12. Give thanks for little fingerprints in the winter windows

13. Write a letter to Jesus, and help the kids write their's too

14. Be grateful I'm not huge and pregnant and have lots of tickle fights on the floor

15. Take a break from working, and take time to listen to the quiet magic of the house after the kids are all tucked in bed. Maybe read a book. All by myself.

16. Feel the warmth of warm knitted socks, and give thanks for all the warm soft things in my life

17. Kiss under the mistletoe. Maybe put up more than one :)

18. Let things go

19. Make a fort and have a family sleepover

20. Listen for Christmas Elves

Experience has taught me that writing it down means I'm on my way to making it happen.

What things are you noticing this year?

A warm weekend to you all!



PS: One more day to shop for quilts and OUT TO SEA hand sewn items I designed on One Kings Lane