Pin & Flickr Friday

I'm going to start a new feature on fridays. So many of you are amazing and have created such gorgeous work with my fabric, prints, etc. And I just love sharing! Facebook, flickr and pinterest are great places to share, and I'm there everyday checking out your projects. But after the survey you all took last month (THANK YOU by the way!) I realized that only 50% of you are peeking onto those sites. Which it totally fine, of course!  But you also said that you wanted to see more inspiration on the blog of room ideas, sewing projects, etc. to inspire your own ideas!

So I'll be sharing my favorite of your creations here, and on Fridays!

Violet Field Threads is new to me, but when I saw these new patterns of theirs on Facebook, I about died. I think I might have cried even.

They took the Deep Sea Jewel colorway of OUT TO SEA and made these gorgeous little nautical inspired dress patterns!

Designing fabric makes me want to design clothing. But since that probably won't happen in my lifetime (I do cherish some semblance of sanity!) I love it when people use the fabric in such a special way.

Aren't these amazing?

The fabrics used here are:

Nautical Stripe

Sea Flowers

Sail Away Border print

Ship Wheels

Most pics I'm going to share aren't going to be as professional as don't hesitate to share what you've made!

Or take pictures of the rooms that you've created around Sarah Jane prints, projects, etc.

So here are a few places that you can start posting your Sarah Jane creations: If you see on my Side Bar here on the blog, (in case you are reading this in a reader, and not on the site:)  you'll see the different FLICKR groups (Out to Sea, Children at Play, Embroidery and Decorating)that you can join as my Pinterest account, which I try and repin what I find online! It's a great way to help others get inspired!

(And of course if you aren't into any of those biggie...I just want to make sure you know where to post images if you feel inclined to!) 

You are always welcome to email me directly and share what you are making or decorating. I'd love to see (and if you don't want me to share it online, please say so)

My contact  info is up there on the right--

Do you have any fun projects you are working on this weekend? The Crisp Fall Air has me in a magical

Have a wonderfully creative weekend!





Sarah Jane