Lunch Notes

School lunches have started. We're having a lot of fun with them this year too! (We're bento boxing for the first time...any of you bento fans? I'm loving it!) mother was an AMAZING school lunch mom. Looking back, and especially now that I'm packing lunches daily, it amazes me that she packed notes each school day for 20 years in all 5 kids lunches.

Ya. I'm living in a tough shadow:)

So now, I send my kids to school with a note every day too. On their napkin. But it's always in pictures (which are faster for me than words most often:)

And it's always rushed. (What? School mornings rushed?)

So I thought I'd start sending some more prepared little notes too. (We might actually get to school EARLY with these printed notes lying around for emergencies!)

Could you use some ?

My kids love the random drawings on napkins, but they've both agreed getting a fancy card is just as nice of a surprise.

Feel free to download and use this week! And if you're liking it, let me know! I think I might make this a regular feature. I need to make them for myself...I might as well share:)

Happy lunch making:)


sarah jane