Once again: attempting the impossible.

Hello! And Happy Friday!Wow...thanks for all your lovely responses to my internship post. I'm learning more and more how wonderful it is to be part of such a wonderful creative community. Not all communities are gracious and wonderful, and I'm just so happy to be associated with such genuine people! Thank you! I had a much bigger response than I can use, but I'm once again reminded that though I work from home by myself....we really are all so willing to help each other. Thank you!

I've just come back from a quick spin to NYC (which was a fantastic adventure that I'll share next week) so I've been absent from here for a bit.

But before I do that...I'm asking you for some advice. Parenting advice. So I think I have the Easter picture curse. Do you? Or is it just me? You probably don't remember these pictures, but this is how every Easter measures up.

Don't get me wrong: I adore these pics....so much! But sometimes I just wish I could capture that single picture where everyone is looking at the camera...everything is in focus, and the children look happy and relaxed. Just one!

Seriously. I think I took like 157 pictures. The lighting was beyond perfect. It was minutes before church (and we were actually dressed and ready early!) but I honestly couldn't get all 3 to look at me let alone give me a natural smile. We were all laughing the whole way...because they really are meant for the stage and come up with the wittiest things to say and do with each other. But every year, we end up with the silly pics (which depicts real life for sure!)

I laugh, because the only shot where I got them all to look at the camera was when I told them to act like Kings and Queens  (which I realize was a silly request because I guess Kings and Queens don't smile much. Oops!)

So, suggestions welcome for how to get a group of overly loving and dramatic children to hold still and look pleasant for the camera? I really think the answer is wearing your camera during waking hours all day everyday, so that when the moment comes, you are ready. Not very good at that one.

So, do share: are your good pics on accident? Or do you have tricks. I have a whole year to practice:)

Although, I do have to say...when they are on their own, they are magic. Heart-breaker, he is.