Saying I Love You.

Oh dear me! How is it we're thinking of Valentines day already! Wow! Time just flies you guys!

I'm heading off to ALT Design Summit tonight and really look forward to getting dressed up and chatting with the ladies. There are just so many people I'm looking forward to hearing from! This amazing woman...and this one....and her and her....Ack! Where do I stop? The list goes on. If you are going, please say hello!

I just wanted to let you know I have some valentine's appropriate goodies in the shop right now! Most are new from last year's valentine's collections as I have folded cards and book plates, necklaces and prints that might just do the trick for that special someone.

I'm having memories of my dad bringing me home a gift when he would come home from work on the night of Valentine's Day. He's kiss my mom, and then hand me a little something. Being in a family of all boys when I was a little girl, made that extra special.

Ok! Off to downtown...I'll be sure to post about the great discussions at our panel.

Ta ta!