It's good to get out: ALT recap.

Hello! I feel like I've been away for so long!

Alt Design Summit was wonderful as always. I can't tell you how much I love speaking at conferences. It's the kick in the pants I need to get in front of people and articulate what I've learned, and  it shapes my own growth so much! We had a really great panel, and I'm so lucky to have gained 3 new sisters!Kathryn Storke Grady (Snippet & Ink) Brooke Reynolds (Inchmark) and Chrysula Winegar are not only so incredibly talented, but they are just so so lovely in the way they see and use their lives. Such dear ladies. We'd never met, but we're like sisters now! What a treat to speak with them!

I only ended up staying for one full day as it's really hard to be away from my darling monkeys at home. But this year at ALT I was able to visit with my fellow textile and fabric peeps! I am never good at taking pics at these kinds of events cause I'm always so busy gabbing! Most of us are all probably working in our PJ's most of the time (ahem....that's me!) so dressing up and hanging out together was extra fun. Dinner with Arianne of Aeolidia (the master mind behind my new websiteJenean Morrison and Amy Butler (fabric buddies) and Brooke Reynolds (Book & brand designer) was just a blast. Love these ladies!

There was so much to talk about and hear: discussions about publishing, old and new media, community building, design much to all take in. I just loved being in a room full of 500+ people who are all outside the box thinkers, making things happen and putting their own beautiful stamp on the world. So inspiring.  I absolutely loved hearing from Maxwell (founder of Apartment Therapy), Deborah Needleman (Editor in Chief of the Wall Street Journal), and Pilar Guzmán (Editor in Chief of  Martha Stewart Living). As well as Julia Rotham, Grace Bonney (Design Sponge), Amy Butler and Kate Woodrow (Chronicle Books) and So many others!

I'll be recapping the panel I was a part of next time on Work/Life Balance. It was a real boost to be a part of. And I ended up learning a lot myself!


I"ll be back with more words of wisdom shared at ALT. But to end: Another whimsy from the inside pages of my sketch book. Take care!

xoxo, sarah

PS: Visiting so many virtual friends in person after only knowing them from behind a screen is just so awesome. Makes me want to have like some kind of little tea party picnic thing with all of you. Game? I just honestly love keeping in touch with so many of you via Flickr Groups, Facebooktwitter, your comments here, email....anyways....just feeling particularly grateful today for how women really do reach out and support each other. Isn't is awesome? I'm just in love with you all!