'Tis the Season!

The holiday items are all up in the shop! (I know...I'm still in denial that it's not August any more!)

First, I have to tell you how excited I am about this new Nutcracker embroidery pattern! I have high hopes to get another Christmas design in the shop very soon...but while I'm working, you can get started on this new stitching design!

This is a PDF Download only, and it features Clara, the Nutcracker, the first melodic line of the Nutcracker Mini-Overture, and the handwritten title. Can you hear the music? "Dun--da da da dat dun-- da da da da da dunnnn- dunnn " Ahhh....I 'm getting excited for Christmas already!

And new this year, Holiday Greeting Cards!

In years past, I've always had postcards of my holiday images. Now there are folded holiday greeting cards! yay!

Gift tags: both Adhesive and hanging tags! I asked on facebook and twitter a while back, which you'd prefer, and you guys on twitter said hang tags, and all you on facebook said adhesive tags. What's going on with that? It was really funny. So I got both! Easy peasy lemon squeesy.

And...in addition...

even PDF printable tags for all you last minute people:)

Bookplates are here too! 

These signed bookplates will come directly from me, if you want a signed Christmas Goodnight Book. I am not able to sell my book in my shop, so this was the closest I could get! Wish I could write a message on all your books, but I designed this little stick on bookplate to look beautiful next to the title page for you:) I'm happy to write a little message too!

And...dun dun dun...


This year's calendar is So bright and cheery. It's all my new prints including a few super new ones I'll be showing later!

And saving the best for last,  a new holiday print called, "For Unto You". In addition to the Santa Maria.

This print, if you've read A Christmas Goodnight, really goes a long just perfectly.The boy look a little different, but the lamb and baby Jesus are the same.

Have you ever thought about that scripture said so often at Christmas? When you think about it, those two emphasized words really speak the meaning of Christmas. It's ultimately about You and Him.

So Christmas is here, folks! There are more items to see over in the holiday section, so hop on over. I just can't get enough of the holidays myself. I love all of it.

Signing off w/ holiday hugs,

sarah j.