Sarah Jane Studios


Well, today is the big day. SO big in fact, that the web decided to explode on me and leave me without being able to access visibility to my blog! I had to have a friend (who also stays up in the night to make things!) to post this for me. Crazy world. I'm sure I'll have access later today....but I couldn't launch this site without giving you a formal introduction!

So, say "Hello!" to this new little space! 

It's saying "Hello" back. Just so you know.

There is so much to share, that I can't really do it all in one post. So, I'm going to let you play the "I spy with my little eye" game, and tell me what you see that is NEW! New product, new's all there. I'd love to hear what you think!

I'll be posting about all the new features and goodies over the next few days!

Now just for reference, cause I know you'll ask, the shop on my website is in addition to my ETSY shop, which I love and care for deeply. This new shop can just offer more things that I think you'll be happy with!

And...dun dun dun...we're launching this party with a big fat 15% sale on your whole order! Just this week. Enter code "SJGRAND15" and you'll be all set!

So...I'm signing off to let you play around. You'll notice a few little links that may not work, but like I said. Minor explosion. Men at work.

Have fun looking around!  xo sarah