Little Girl Necklaces aren't just for little girls.


Well, so much for blogging about all the new stuff going on in the shop. I actually skipped away to Quilt Market, and had high hopes that it would be the kind of trip that would leave me with some free time in the evenings to chat with you all! Ha!

Quilt Market was fantastic. I didn't have a booth, I was just there to support Michael Miller, and all my other favorite people in the fabric world. More on that later!

But, before it got too late into the season, I just have to start sharing with you all the sweet little new Sarah Jane things going on.

First, let's talk jewlery!

I have collaborated with the wonderful Bel Kai Designs, and we've come up with 10 necklace designs that I just love.You can get them with or without the pearl, and they are really so sweet. I've been wanting to make these for a long while...and I'm so thrilled to have them!

I will be honest. I'm not a big jewelry person. If I wear it, it's definitely on purpose. Which is why I just love these. Initially, these are for the little girls in your life. My Addie loves these! But honestly, so do I. They aren't just for kids.  I wore the "Going Tandem" one yesterday, and no joke, got 7 compliments in one day. Maybe I do need to wear more jewelery!

I really hope you like these! I've been wanting to offer designs for little girls for a while, and these just turned out so darling.

In the shop here!

And Happy Halloween Everyone! Have a wonderful, safe, and creative night!