On the doorstep.

I know I know....

It's not even Christmas, but I need to take your time this morning and say.....


There I said it. I'm done now.

Well, maybe not. I really do want to say a little bit more, but honestly, I get a little shy. Isn't that silly? It's like stage fright. My fabric line was such a whirlwind release, and the art I create in the shop is usually the same. There was no time to be nervous.

But books are slow. Created fast and with crazy deadlines, but then you wait. And wait. And wait.

And the waiting has made me a little timid. Like, I want to say, "Are you still there? Do you still care? I made this book for you over a year ago....do you still want to read it?"

(Insert pigeon toes and flushed cheeks here)

Regardless, today it's happening. All pre-ordered books are being delivered by white and brown trucks all over the country today. They will be (oh so gently laid) onto little doorsteps where a man in uniform will place brown cardboard boxes filled with art that I made in my basement studio, while listening to Christmas Choir music in July. A book with magic in the text that had gave me goosebumps the moment my editor read it to me over the phone for the first time. A book about Jesus and the light He brings to all the world. A book that still has my children begging to read it, even though it's not even Halloween. A book that I've placed little secrets into that no one but myself and my children really know.

A book that was illustrated while moving twice, pregnant, going on partial bed rest, having a baby, buying a house, wading through financial difficulties and struggling through post partum, all while trusting in God to pull us through. It was quite literally a miracle in and of itself to be patiently wading through the "stuff" life brings, and then to illustrate the Christmas Story at night. I don't think there could have been a better release for those emotions...I needed God, and I got to draw my emotions on paper.  This was my place to put in my feelings of my Savior, the miracle of His birth, and all the relationships that were formed around that miracle.

And now you get to be a part of that.

I actually didn't pre-order any. Looking back maybe I should have! But I will have the honor of hand delivering copies to some very special people. And that will make for quite the perfect day.

I won't post about this any more until the air is a little crisper and colder...but I just had to share a special moment. A life goal. A day that won't ever come again.

I think I'll go kiss a little lamb:)