A little shop update

shipping rates
shipping rates

This news is so important to me, I thought it merited a blog post!

I've been shifting around my pricing and shipping rates for my shop a lot this past summer, all with the intention to help us both out! I need to make money, and you need to save money! We're all in this together.

I think I've settled on a good deal. And I hope this is something to your liking! Cards and small items will always be less than $5.95 in shipping, but you'll never have to pay more than that.

(Please note...this is only for orders within the USA. We're currently working on making all international orders as economical as possible, so bear with us!)

Happy Weekend, and happy October! I'm off to making more art...there's always a brewing project around here, and this weather makes me wildly creative! You?

Signing off...