Soft Spaces & more Children at Play

We're starting to get more soft spaces in the house.  It's been painful for me to not decorate my kids room when we first moved in to the house. When we moved in, I was in the beginning stages of getting fabric designed, and I knew I'd want to use Children at Play to decorate their room. The walls are the ugliest color, and we've been rather make shift with the space, but good things come to those who wait! I really hope to finish their space this summer, and really make it special. But it's coming along, and it's so wonderful to have these fabrics in their kids love looking at all the details in the fabric. It's really so wonderful to watch them so responsive, and it just makes all the hard work worth it.

These particular pillows were made by Susan, and I still can't get over that hexagon pillow...all hand sewn and just gorgeous. Aren't they amazing? When we moved in, I was in the beginnings of get fabric designed, and so I didn't dare touch my children's bedroom because I knew I'd just want to sew for them with Children at Play fabric. So, the walls are still brown, but it's starting to be a much more welcome space.

These fabrics are a mix of the Meadow and Playhose line, fyi.I knew you'd ask:)

And, for the update, I just got word from Michael Miller, that the fabric is shipping out next week! I'll be making a list of retailers soon, so you can get it from your favorite shop. Horray! It's finally coming...can you believe it?