Color Stories.

I think a lot about color. I think a lot about color and how it makes me feel. How it changes depending on what you combine it with. How combined colors can tell a certain story. What I love about color, is that it's something that I can record in a camera. Camera's are fast, and just like I mentioned in my last blog post...the sketchbook doesn't always make it in my diaper bag. Not to mention a complete set of colored pencils ready for action. Pa-leese.

And when I don't have a camera, color is something I can record quickly when i see it. The other day, when I was driving, I saw a woman in the greatest blouse that was orange and purple and turquoise. And what did I think about all day? Orange and purple and turquoise. I saw it everywhere I went...and I hadn't even appreciated that combination until I saw it in a random blouse.

When I start working on a fabric collection, color is often one of the first things that come to me. Once I have even just the start of a color story I want to play with, the design and composition comes so easily because I know how the colors can now interact. Maybe it's the painter in me. My high school chemistry senior essay was on the history of paint, and the chemistry of mixing colors in both mixing and applying light (Which I got an A on because my chemistry teacher knew nothing on the subject I am sure!) But anyways, I digress. Color is everywhere! I love it. I crave it. I also find it very fascinating to follow color trends and look at why people love certain colors in certain eras. Isn't it just fascinating? History reveals itself in color. People reveal themselves in color. It's a mighty fun thing to think about. And now that I'm working on my next fabric collection....dun-dun-dun...color is bursting at the seams again. I love it! And you might just be seeing some of these colors very soon. Just sayin'