Creative Collaborative


Sorry to go MIA there on the blog. I've been struggling with some health issues, and am starting to come back around. One of the issues have been my eyes...which has kept me away from my screen a bit. Nice to take a break, but sorry for the lack of posts!

So, I am back and with some news!

I'm part of a fantastic group of talented folks who are starting a collaborative support group called CREATIVE COLLABORATIVE

The idea behind was inspired by Melanie of Fifth and Hazel after the last ALT Design Summit in Salt Lake City. After going, and realizing HOW supportive this blogging/art/design community is, she decided to start a FREE monthly event in Utah where like-minded artists and creative people could get together and share ideas, network with each other and have regular speaker discussing topics that are frankly just hard to talk about on the web! So Melanie, Alma Loveland, Justin Hackworth and I started this group, and I hope you'll be a part of it!

Isn't that brilliant? So glad this is getting started.

Being part of this group has been awesome. I strongly believe that there is enough success to go around for ALL of us who seek to use our creative talents to either support our families or for our own personal need to express (or both!) And I really believe that competitiveness is only energy wasted, and by collaborating and helping each other, we will find our greatest success.

Part of that success is simply just being together, and sharing ideas. Artists are funny people. They are very creative and love to be around interesting and inspiring people and places. But we're also (and come on, admit it!) a bunch of hermits. So this also serves as a great way for us to get out of the studio and around like-minded people.

This month's topic of discussion is on ROADS TO SUCCESS. Presented by  Justin Hackworth (Photographer) and Eva Jorgansen (Sycamore Street Press) and Yours Truly. It's going to be a mighty night.


June 9th 7 pm

It's FREE!!

1 East center Street #215

Same building as Gondolfo's

Provo, UT

Website here.



Creative Collaborative is NEW. Brand new. PLEASE...spread the word, invite your friends, and stop by the website for updates. We hope to be starting a blog where the events can be outlined and discussed.

And also, if you have topics that you would like information on as a designer, business owner, artist, creative....let us know! We feel so strongly that by supporting each other, success for all of us is inevitable.

See you there!