Memorial Day.

When I was a child, it was just another day off. One day closer to summer vacation.

But since, it's turned into a wonderfully sacred day of remembering those in my life who aren't with me any more, and who have lived remarkable lives...the kind I want to be known for living. Every year,  we arrive at the cemetery the sun is rising in the east behind the mountains. Every year I look forward to the quiet, the green grass, the sun streaming across the flower covered lawns. I get to be silent, remember and look back.  But somehow, each year on this morning, I find myself looking forward; renewing myself to living the life I was born to live. Being more of the person that those who have since gone on have inspired me to be.

Today I'm thinking about renewal. Mornings. Isn't is interesting? Mourning= Morning. There are a lot of people I miss, but each one has inspired me to take a little courage and live more fully.

And I'm thankful.