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Hello! Wow...thanks for all the love on the puppet theater! It was seriously so fun to make and the kids are still playing. Addie has been making the wolf do ballet moves for a couple days now. Love it.

On a more personal level, I've been really interested in making this blog and my shop....what's the word? MORE. More useful, more resourceful, more colorful, more happy. The past few years have been so awesome as I've rather blindly carved out an accidental career for myself. And I really would love your feedback so I can get a better sense of who you are, and what you are liking and wanting to see more of. Would you be willing to take this (very short!) survey? I think there are under 10 questions, and a place for you to leave anonymous feedback with what ever you want to say! I really would love you know your thoughts. For instance, hearing so many of you thrilled about  these PDF Downloads, and how you'd like to do more of these things at home was really telling for me....thank you! So be specific in your feedback....I really read it all!

At the end of the survey, there is a code for a BUY ONE GET ONE FREE coupon to my shop. Yep...purchase just one item, and get a second item of the same price or less for free! I don't ever think I've done that before:) But don't worry...the nice thing is that you can use the coupon through July (since I plan on adding more stuff for you through the spring!)

Ok, so be my friend, and take a small survey. I know we're all busy people here, so I'm signing off now instead of making you read a long blog post. Can you believe it? Not even a picture in the post. That's how serious I am:)

CLICK HERE for the survey.

Thanks a million.....


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