April Showers & Advice.

Thanks so much you guys for filling out the survey! (I'm going to have it open until Monday, so come on over if you haven't filled it out.)

So many great suggestions, so thank you!

Some of you suggested I offer a discount for the "Month-by-Month" prints in the month that we're in!


Every Month I'll be offering the corresponding print 25% off ($17.50).

So, welcome April. We're a little late. But better late than never!

(And a little about this print: It's perfectly easy to take the text off the print as well as to make it an standard 8x10 size. Just mention it in your order!)

*And if you are in Utah this weekend, please swing by the BIJOU MARKET. I'm slashing away tons of stuff: Framed prints, Frames, and lots, lots more!