Photography. The good kind.

While I was at ALT, I met such talented people. One of which was Sarah Wert of Modern Kids Photography. I'd visited her blog before (fantastic!) but I wasn't familiar with her work until now. And I love, love, love it! She was so willing to take a headshot for me (out in freezing cold I might add!)

Here are some more of her wonderful images. I've been craving good photography, as I've been without a good camera for so long. Aren't these precious?

If you are in the San Francisco area and could use some great family photography, you're in luck! I am so glad I got to meet Sarah in Salt Lake City. If only I had had my kids with me!

But the good news is, I am finally getting a new camera after my last DSLR died. Horray! I'll be posting more on that soon! Has't the digital DSLR changed the world? I mean really....there were such fewer options before it came around for the semi-professional/serious amateur photographer. Isn't it amazing? Do you have a fav. camera? I'd love to hear!


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