A little super hero in me.....

My kids play super hero all the time. But one is usually the hero, and the other....his wife.

It's really cute, you know: Addie in her apron and clip-on earrings goes around making beds and singing tunes while she scrubs the floor with a pretty fabric remnant of mine.

Ian karate kicking imaginary villains out the window and clearing all evil out of the house while showing off his latest moves.

Put them together, and you have a turbo-deep cleaning-master-super-force.

That's what I am hoping to be over the weekend. Some weekends are for playing, but this one is a deep-cleaning and project making!

I hope you have a fantastic weekend! What about you? Are you working or playing this weekend? Hope you're playing...but if not, throw in a few karate kicks and a cute apron, and you'll be singing a tune for sure.