Organizing all that pretty stuff.

Pinterest. Have you heard? I just discovered it in January...maybe I'm slow...but I'm hooked.

Basically, it's an inspiration board for your online collections of all that stuff you love online. Being an artist, I'm constantly bookmarking, saving and downloading files that inspire me, give me some reference for a project I'm working on, or just plain make me smile. Huge problem solved! No more clogging up my "ideas" and "reference" folders on my keep it all online, in categories for you  to reference!

It's seriously brilliant! I can just 'pin' any image I see online, and it goes right into my pinterest board. And it's a great way to keep track of the location of the image as well, so that you can find the original location as well as give credit to the original creator.

But beware. It's rather addicting. You can follow other people's boards, and make all sorts of's a heck of a lot of fun.

Do you have a pinterest board? Wanna follow mine? You can see it here. And if you have one...I wanna see:)

I just love brilliant people who think of these things. Don't you love smart people? The ones that make your life so much easier? I do. I love pinterest.