Drawing every day.


I  just came back from a 3 day weekend with my husband. No kids. Just us! Oh my. I love  my kids....but getting away is really good. We haven't done something like that in 3 years...and it was much deserved! My poor sister might have had the biggest dose of birth control after tending them for the entire weekend, but hey. She's 20...so that's good:)

Over the weekend I caught up on much needed sleep. But I also allowed myself to draw and doodle with no agenda. Being a working illustrator can be a challenge because it's hard to justify the time to just "play." No agenda. No deadlines. Just play.


And this weekend, I recommitted myself to doing just that. I need to make time to doodle more, play more, discover my art more. That sounds really easy, but when I only really get 2 hours to myself at night to work, playing is hard to justify...as well as hard to find. But I also know that creativity isn't something that just comes. Even for someone like me, who thrives in creativity, it doesn't come naturally all the time. It takes constant effort. And that is what I hope my commitment to draw every day will do for me. Running a business and raising a family  and working on books and fabric, keeps me from drawing for just me. No one else but me...for sheer pleasure. And that's made me a bit down. So....here's to making it happen!