Will I see you at Alt Design Summit?


I'm hiding up there, can you see me?

News just in: I'm speaking at ALT DESIGN SUMMIT this  month! I spoke last year, and it was an amazing experience. The first year that all design-blogging people had a chance to meet together, take classes, visit and learn from one another!

This year, I'll be speaking in a round table setting, on building online sales and licensing your designs.

What is Alt exactly? A place for all who love: design/social media/style/creative ideas all wrapped up in one. From the ALT site:

"We've created a place where design and lifestyle bloggers in all their forms— foodies, photographers, travelers, product placers, adventurers — come together, share ideas and connect with marketers. There will be discussions on how to grow your site, how to fund your site, how to keep your site above the fray."

The list of speakers is amazing. These people are real you guys...not just blogs we read every day! It's so fun to be with each other in person and glean from such amazingly creative people. You can read up on the speakers here.

You can read up on the amazing schedule here. There's be talk about:

Design & Style online

Photography for your site

The business of blogging



One of my favorite people will be instructing classes on Photoshop and Illustrator.

There's even a sewing class.

And not to mention really awesome food.

And really just have a chance to learn, be inspired and get ideas about how to grow those creative ideas inside that head of yours.

So...I hope I'll see you! Registration and info here.

Jan 19-22 Salt Lake City.

See you there!